Changing Lives Every Summer with the Adolescent Weight Management Program


The number of young people who struggle with weight problems has increased drastically nationwide over the past decades. To fight this trend in our community, Baptist Health developed a 10-week Adolescent Weight Management Program. 

The Adolescent Weight Management Program is centered on helping young people approach their weight problem in a holistic manner, with every aspect of their wellbeing taken into consideration. It’s not just a program designed for weight loss, it’s a program designed to create a new lifestyle. A whole team of experts is at the participants’ disposal during the 10-week program to ensure their success including working with certified dieticians and trainers for personalized programs. Each participant learns the basics of how to log their daily food intake and read food labels so they can make healthier choices when they are at home or at school, ensuring they can take their knowledge and apply it in the real world every day. The program also combines fitness training with medical and behavioral counseling to ensure that the root of the problem is resolved and previous lifestyle patterns aren’t repeated.

The education the students receive over the 10-weeks is broken up into sessions so that it is easily digestible for them. Each session focuses on particular aspects of weight management and overall health. They usually begin with a 45 minute exercise class to get them moving and teach them how to exercise properly. The exercise sessions also provides hands-on instruction along with secondary materials each young person can take home to read later.

After the exercise session, the students walk into nutrition classes that teach them how to combat dietary challenges so they can begin making healthier food choices. To reinforce the importance of dietary changes the weight management group takes a field trip, with the certified dietician, to a local grocery store where they are taught how to pick foods that are tasty and healthy for real-life application.

At the end of each week, every participant undergoes a thorough check-in and is evaluated for weight loss, strength improvement and dietary review to make sure everyone is on the right track. Family members are encouraged to participate in check-ins and along every step of the journey so a strong support system can be built for each student.

Teens who want to participate must apply for the program. Only a select number of openings are available each year. After being accepted into the program they will undergo a series of assessments including medical, physical and nutritional so a customized plan can be developed for them.

Adolescents’ health and well-being is the focus of Baptist Health’s Adolescent Weight Management Program with weight loss being a positive result of lifestyle changes. To learn more about the program, call (501) 202-1877 or download an application online.


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